Pollux Asso crowned Label and the Party comes back stronger: cultural actions, festival, concerts… new commitments. -Tarn

Pollux Asso crowned Label and the Party comes back stronger: cultural actions, festival, concerts… new commitments.

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Published on 02/04/2022 at 10:21
| Updated on 02/04/2022 at 10:38 a.m. Pollux Asso crowned “Label and the Party” comes back stronger: cultural actions, festival, concerts… new commitments. [ S. L.]

For the Albigensian association Pollux, adapting and innovating has been the motto for the year 2021, now it’s time to take stock.

“An action put in place at the end of 2020 ensured our missions and our projects, whatever the cost. And we kept our promises. Out of twenty-one events planned, nineteen were maintained. nothing given up, we came out of it stronger.” summarizes Gimmy Soto, head of the Pollux association.
Despite the many hard blows inflicted by the health crisis, the association has decided to take advantage of this forced break time. For Pollux, these last few months have been an opportunity to rethink the structure of the association, to set up new working methods, to train, and above all to innovate in order to preserve this essential link with its public and the team of volunteers. Health restrictions have also been an opportunity to develop digital with the “live-stream” (broadcast of a live concert), “It worked very well, we can only be pleased, we reached 72,000 people (90% online and 10% in concert). A great performance with five events that were sold out (Carrément musique, Zguen Fest , Discovery Tour, back to school for students and the children’s concert with Les Oreilles rouges). It made our hearts feel better. We can note the various musical aesthetics proposed while our DNA is punk rocker”says Gimmy Soto with pleasure.
This new 2022 season is obviously in line with the previous ones. Pollux continues its momentum by signing the return of concerts at the Athanor where “we are very impatient to welcome the public, the season will begin on February 26 with a big rap evening, in the company of Toulouse artists Furax Barbarossa and Zinée, accompanied in the first part by the Albigensian collective La Barque. In May we switch to the outdoor musical season with Carrément musique (free family concerts). In July, we join the Off de Pause Guitare, on the National Garden. From July 28 to 31 will be the big return of Xtreme Fest with no less than thirty-five groups from all over the world. “Occitanie, from the four corners of Europe and the USA. The idea is to return to our bases and bring the public back. And, of course, we are continuing the Ségala Music Tour with four free concerts, in different villages, from june to september. ” Cultural action is back even stronger with musical discovery and practice workshops for 6-15 year olds, backstage meetings to create a link with an artist and the public… events that were very successful in 2021 Pollux Association is teeming with projects. Committed for 22 years to the dissemination of free and current music, the association is taking new steps and wants to reach a wider audience with the establishment of a free day in Pratgraussals centered around the street food and concerts… “An appointment to build a family day”.
Societal commitment and “Label et la Fête”
The Xtreme Fest was labeled “Label et la Fête” by the Octopus federation, which appreciated the association’s commitment to the health and well-being of its public and its teams. Wishing to offer a framework conducive to celebration, to transmit its values ​​and to bring new ones, the team was trained by Addictions France to understand and learn to manage all forms of excess. Helped by the association La Petite, Pollux intends to participate in the fight against discrimination and violence. “We have the ambition to carry out all this and be an example. To achieve this, a team of around twenty people will revolve around a permanent employee, a prevention space will be in good place at the festival, accompanied by a safe space, teams will maraud and an emergency telephone line will be opened. We are considering new collaborations with the CCIDFF and Family Planning. We are not experts, we need them to get there. concludes David Papaix.
New adventure, new ambitions, 22 years old the age of maturity… well worth a new “beautiful” logo. Here it is, therefore, adorned with two wings or two flashes that express the ardor of Pollux and its new signals.

Events to come
Thursday February 17

Actions “around the live”! This transversal approach invites you to discover the musical style offered from a different angle: projection, meeting, exhibition, workshop, conference… These events organized before the shows go beyond the framework of the simple concert, to deepen the themes addressed and develop an exchange around current music. A total immersion in the world of Pollux Asso. The collective La Barque and Pollux Asso join forces during an open MIC exclusively reserved for women organized on February 17, at the opening of the cinema session with the screening of the film “Haut et Fort” by Nabil Ayouch.
Price €7.50 (to be reserved with the CGR Lapérouse cinema).
Reduced cinema + concert price: €5 (i.e. €21 for the cinema ticket and the Furax Barbarossa + Zinée concert ticket on February 26)
February 26
Big rap party on February 26
In the hall of the Athanor! On the program of this concert, two Toulouse artists: Furax Barbarossa and Zinée, who will be accompanied by the Albigensian collective La Barque in the first part.
Ticket offices and prices:
Pre-sale prices €16 (+ rental costs) / members: €14
Prices on site: €20 / members: €18
Tickets available online or on the Dispobillet and Ticknet network: Fnac, Cultura, Leclerc, Géant Casino, Système U, etc.
Concert eligible for the Pass Culture scheme.

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