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Who will put their name on the winners of the 37th Victoires de la Musique, the ceremony of which will be broadcast on France 2 live from the Seine Musical on Friday February 11, 2022? The predictions are in full swing when we will know the final list of nominations on January 10, following a press conference organized in Paris. If the categories “Original song”, “Concert” and “Audiovisual creation” will be submitted to the votes of viewers between January 10 and February 10, the fate of the other categories is already sealed since the Academy of voters, made up of 620 professionals and 280 members of the public registered on request, has already gone to the polls during two preliminary rounds which ended on 6 December. And like every year, the verdict sparks debate. While the identity of the nominees is still confidential, Grand Corps Malade is one of the notable absentees. It is his producer and longtime friend, Jean-Rachid Kallouche, who reveals the information in the columns of the Parisian. This one does not hide it, it is drop .

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“It’s one of the phenomena of the year!”

In the second round of voting, Grand Corps Malade was in the running for the premier, but hotly contested, category of Male Artist. He obviously was no match for Eddy de Pretto, Julien Dor, Orelsan Where Bernard Lavilliers, also in competition. It’s particularly unfair says the producer of Grand Corps Malade, whose popularity is undeniable. With 475,000 copies sold and 65 weeks in the top 10 bestsellers, her album “Mesdames” is one of the biggest hits of the past two years. His tour of 120 dates (including 45 Znith) is sold out and will end with a concert at the Accor Arena on December 20, 2022. It is impossible for his entourage to understand why the profession leaves him on the sidelines. Fabien has not had any nominations for the last NRJ Music Awards and he will not have any at the Victoires de la Musique. While it is one of the phenomena of the year! In fifteen years, Fabien has had only two Victories in 2007 (Revelation scne and Revelation album), and one last year with Camille Lellouche for Song of the Year, by public vote laments Jean-Rachid, bitterly: Record companies don’t like small independents like me and they make me pay for it indirectly .

“We are already preparing the sequel”

Because the success of Fabien Marsaud, alias Grand Corps Malade, is also the beautiful story of a small company of four employees, Anouche Productions, which worked in close collaboration with the labels AZ and Believe before producing alone, since the album “Plan B” in 2018, the slammer’s records, distributed by Universal. We learned the trade with the record companies and we thank them for it. But since we took our total independence and a press officer, we sell more than before congratulates the interpreter of “Our most beautiful years”. Since “Midi 20” in 2006, Grand Corps Malade has fdr 1.8 million French people with its songs. This success is the fruit of fifteen years of work. Fabien is unique. When he arrives on stage with his crutch, he opens the sea in two. But he is above all a hell of a hard worker. He is the Aznavour school, he thinks that an artist cannot be satisfied with an album every four years analyzes Jean-Rachid who, to get over his disappointment at not seeing Grand Corps Malade be named to the Victoires 2022, looks to the future. We have projects until 2025. There, we are already preparing the rest confirms Grand Corps Malade. In music, but also for the cinema and the stage…

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